sneaking my boyfriend out of my bed.

my mum doesn’t like my boyfriend. (to her his just my friend. I was going to tell her I was dating but she was all don’t like him. so I chose to play it safe) She doesn’t like him so much that she doesn’t want him in her house. Now she has no reason to hate on him, for he has done nothing wrong. He doesn’t go around screaming at babies or cheating on me. Or even saying shit behind my back. He is a real nice guy. All my friends like him, and say he’s good for me. So he’s not a bad guy got it?

So this weekend, my whole family went out for a holiday (yeah they didn’t invite me, I’m unloved but I’ll live) so I thought inside of being in a big old house alone. I would invite my boyfriend over, and we had a good time. He took me out for dinner, and payed (he’s a good one I told you) and all was going well. Till 7:30 this morning. When my family came home…

We hid in my room (on the third floor), till he made me go downstairs to see whats going on, why they aren’t leaving?   They were unpacking the car and taking their sweet time doing so, then getting breakfast and then going off to school, so I was like okay cool I’ll sneak him out after they have gone. But then. Sister looked up at me and told me mums making her stay at home cuz she has ear infection. well that messed up my plan didnt it. how was i meant to sneak out my boyfriend when my goodie two shoes of a sister would tell mum everything that happened. (she once caught me saying I love you on the phone and told mum I had a boyfriend, funnily enough I was actually talking to my best friend)

OK so plan two: we sit in my room till everyone is gone a part from little miss sister, then I go read her a story or find a way to distract while BF (that’s boyfriend in case you where that stupid) would sneak past us and out. ( which would be fun as there is two flights of stairs, not counting the odd couple of steps that dot my hallways) so I wished him luck.

We sat and we waiting, Till I hear my sister kick off screaming that she wants to be taken with mum to school. and so that’s what mum did. Lucky for us. The house was now empty. we were safe.
One of the most scariest mornings of my life.


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