Flavor tripping

The miracle berry that coats your tongue in its magical-ness that makes everything taste so sweet, is a pretty cool idea, yeah?
so being me I thought I should try them.
and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made
This is only gonna be a quick list of things to try with them. cuz damn you need to try them

strawberries – taste like perfection. heaven. so sweet so good omg. (still cant get over it)
lemons- not sour or anything at all. so sweet and taste like the best lemonade
limes- omg so weird. its so good but so weird
any sour sweets- taste so good

I would list more but i just sat and ate strawberrys the whole time so i cant say what else. but I would beg you to try the berries because they are so worth it. and its a fun experience. In fact have a flavor tripping party, but be careful because everyone will be hunting around your house for whatever they can try and eat




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